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Minecraft APIs provides lot of usefull APIs for Minecraft services, it's created and managed by @xDefcon. It allows you to perform a lot of queries per minute, like server status, skin, uuid, premium status, etc.

Below you can find all APIs and how to use them.

Server status

Replace [serverip] and [format] with your server ip mc.myminecraftserver.com and the desidered output format json php text. Please pay attention that the SRV records are currently not supported, to avoid this limit put numerical IP instead of SRV record.

API Name API Path API Description
Full Query /server/[serverip]/full/[format] Shows:
  • Server status (online/offline) [string]
  • Server IP [string]
  • Server version [string]
  • Server protocol [string]
  • Online players [int]
  • Max players [int]
  • Motd [string]
  • Ping (milliseconds) [int]
  • Server Icon [base64]
Status /server/[serverip]/status/[format] Shows only server status (online/offline)
Version /server/[serverip]/version/[format] Shows only server version
Players /server/[serverip]/players/[format] Shows only players connected to the server
Max Players /server/[serverip]/maxplayers/[format] Shows only slots of the server
Ping /server/[serverip]/ping/[format] Shows only ping of the server (milliseconds)
Motd /server/[serverip]/motd/[format] Shows only motd of the server (string)

Skins & heads

Replace [username] and [size] with your username xDefcon and the desidered size of image (in pixels) 64
To update a skin you can use this URL /skin/update/[username] (please note that you may have to wait 2 hours)

You can also put a .png at the end of the url (very useful for forum urls) e.g: /skin/helm/xDefcon/64.png or /skin/xDefcon.png (both will output an 64x64 helm).

API Name API Path API Output
Helm /skin/helm/[username]/[size]
Body /skin/body/[username]/[size]
Full Skin /skin/full/[username]/[size]

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